Skin Care, Business, and Lifestyle Design

Hey, Sister! I am Kelli.

I’m a small town southern girl, a lover of laughs, coffee, books, boxer pups, and of course... SKINCARE!

I hold a Master’s Degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and am a long-time Nurse Practitioner.  Yet, I have grown an international business from my cell phone by uncovering my life’s purpose, through deliberate focus on my mindset and my desire to have more superficial joy in every moment. Yep, I said it... superficial joy.  My true joy comes from Jesus - he's my fav - but superficial joy is an ice cream cone on a beautiful day, a good book, new socks, clean sheets, a cup of coffee with a friend, a road trip... you know, the little things that fill your soul and make life more JOY-FULL.

Call me crazy, but I have a belief that business (and life) should have the perfect blend of: creating amazing value to others, profitability, and bringing joy to oneself.

A few years ago I found myself overworked, underappreciated, and no longer filled with happy.  That wasn't okay... the hamster wheel no longer served me.  So, I changed it.  That yearning for more joy and freedom is exactly what caused me to pivot...


Because of this experience and love of time freedom - I am now able to serve others through social commerce and my love of all things joyFULL!

I enjoy nothing more than spending time with my family, my boxer pup, and being my own boss. My goal in life is to navigate everything with integrity, grit, and a whole lot of fun! I also strive to help other women do the same! After all, we just want to be a little happier.  For me, that meant letting go of the all-or-nothing, pinterest-board perfection mentality and learning to be incrementally more productive.

Besides being a wife, a nurse practitioner, and a business owner surviving on coffee and grace, I spend my time empowering women to build confidence, purpose, and joy into their business and their life while living out their passions.

My passion is to help YOU to excel not only in business, but in LIFE! It requires intention. Sometimes that means learning new skills or narrowing our focus, and other times it’s about overcoming our own mental blocks. But it’s always about choosing how we spend our 24. Choose it, design it, live it. 


My business gives me the opportunity to design a life I love, while choosing where, when and how I work. Its time flexibility without sacrificing a paycheck.

Sound fun?!  It is!

If this makes you say, hmmmm... then maybe we should work together.